Oral History Resources

Principles, Procedures and Best Practices
for Conducting Oral Histories

This resource on oral history principles and practices is largely the result of a collaborative effort by Jeff McCormack and Judith Mickelson who prepared an early version of this document in 2011 for the Virginia Food Heritage Project. In preparing this document, the authors have drawn mostly on their direct experience in recording oral histories in a variety of settings (including urban, rural, and remote, undeveloped areas (without electricity or phone service).

About the Authors

Judith Mickelson is the Director of the Fluvanna County Historical Society in central Virginia. Jeff McCormack is the lead author of Bush Medicine of the Bahamas: A Cross-cultural Perspective from San Salvador Island, including Pharmacology and Oral Histories. His oral history projects, documenting the stories associated with heirloom seeds, were twice featured on National Public Radio, including NPR's "Living on Earth" program.

Oral Histories Methods

Oral History References: Principles, Techniques, and Best Practices
[PDF, 2 pages]