Bush Medicine and Bahamian Culture
"Introduction to Bush Medicine", an article written for the History of Grand Bahama website. This article contains text adapted from our first book, Bush Medicine of the Bahamas: A Cross-cultural Perspective from San Salvador ...", It also includes some text to be used in our second book on Bush Medicine of the Bahamas: A Cross-cultural Perspective from South Andros... [PDF format]

Bahamas National Trust
A national park has been proposed for the Graham's Harbor area of San Salvador Island. Consider donating to the Bahamas National Trust and designate your donation for San Salvador Island. Your donation to any national park in the Bahamas will help support biodiversity, and will help ensure preservation of medicinal plants.

Gerace Research Center (GRC)
Operated by the College of the Bahamas, and located on San Salvador Island, GRC is a field station that supports the study of archaeology, biology, geology, and marine science. GRC provides accommodations, laboratory space, and logistical support for both teachers and researchers interested in the diverse and unique tropical environments available on San Salvador.

Sacred Plant Traditions
Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Sacred Plant Traditions is a center for herbal studies whose classes are geared for the absolute beginner to the licensed practitioner looking to deepen their relationship with the plant world. Their mission is to protect herbal medicine as the medicine of the people.

United Plant Savers (UpS)
Their mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. Some of the same species of medicinal plants of the Bahamas also grow in the southern U.S. and are in need of protection.

Phyllis D. Light
Phyllis D. Light, M.A., R.H., is a fourth-generation herbalist devoted to teaching the traditional health care practices of Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine. Her forthcoming book is titled: The Geography of Health: Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine. There are a number of interesting similarities between Bahamian Bush Medicine and Southern Folk Medicine.