Updates, Additions, and Commentary

This section is devoted to updates and additions to the book, Bush Medicine of the Bahamas: A Cross-cultural Perspective from San Salvador Island, including Pharmacology and Oral Histories. This section may also include authors' comments and expansion of topics covered in the book. Note that if you have purchased an e-book, updates are included, depending on the version number.

Correction: Materia Medica - Guava - Pharmacological notes (page 113, column 1)

There is an error in the source material. DeFilipps et al. [2010] incorrectly spelled two chemical names, as noted in italics in the following sentence:
"The young unripe fruit contains hexhydrodiphenic acid and L-arabinose which disappear when the fruit ripens. Various parts of the plant contain the astringent phytochemical psiditanic acid [DeFilipps et al. 2010]."
The chemical name spellings should be corrected to hexahydrodiphenic and psiditannic.

Important to note: Materia Medica - Cough-vine - Blends (page 84, column 1)

In the seven-herb blend used to cure tuberculosis, the reader will note that a "cross of iron" is placed in the bottom of the pot that is used to make the decoction. Susilee Anderson specifies in the dialog that the iron should be "rot" (rusty). This important point could be missed without reading the dialog or the pharmacological notes. The iron is toxic to the causitive agent of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis).